Product development

High-level innovation

TRiOS takes innovative businesses to the next level with strategic R&D projects in product development. We find solutions for your complex precision-engineering issues. TRiOS combines your knowledge of your market, product and production process with its own specialist tried-and-true applied knowledge of precision engineering. We develop carefully balanced prototypes and pilot series of any size.

The best of both worlds

The key to our success lies in integral collaboration and knowledge sharing, trust between partners and guaranteed confidentiality. Combining the best of your and our knowledge leads to successful innovation.

Knowledge advice that works

TRiOS uses its tried-and-true integral brainstorming method in a multidisciplinary team to develop various promising concepts. Together, we determine what concept has the most potential in your market. TRiOS then develops this concept, manufactures it in its own workshop and tests it. You will receive knowledge advice and a product that are proven to work. Read more about our method or our facilities.