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Strategic R&D projects call for a high level of knowledge sharing and integral collaboration. The combination of your knowledge of your organisation's product, production process and market combined with TRiOS' specialist knowledge of product development forms the foundation for the right choice of concept. This, in turn, offers the best guarantee that you will get exactly the product or specialty machine you want.

Excel and accelerate

During successful innovative projects, the human factor makes all the difference. This requires openness, trust and detailed insight into and knowledge of the process. This will enable the project team, which consists of members of both organisations, to make the right choices, excel, accelerate and safeguard the project as a whole.

Methodical method

TRiOS utilises a phased approach and project structure from concept to proven product or controlled production. The presented concepts contain potentially suitable techniques and materials. The chosen concept is developed and tested. Feasibility, risks and costs are mapped out. The product is optimised using functional test results. In this manner, TRiOS produces a series of prototypes. Once the product has been finalised, we can further specify the production process, develop tooling and produce pilot series.


At the end of each phase, we conduct a thorough evaluation - for our benefit and yours as our client - to ensure we are optimally prepared to enter the next phase. This helps us minimise risks and avoid any surprises along the way.

You can take a closer look at our project structure in the form of a schematic overview here.


In order to optimally share knowledge, confidentiality is essential. Your project is literally and figuratively kept behind closed doors. Our staff is trained accordingly, and our building is designed for optimal protection. This is also why our website does not contain any project descriptions.

Patents en IP

TRiOS has extensive experience with recording ideas in patents for the products it develops. We can assist you during this process.